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First Impression Can Make a Statement: What color should you paint the front entry door?

Some people have a fondness for bold, bright colors. Orange, green, turquoise, or yellow. I have seen a trend toward bright pops of color against neutral backgrounds. A front door is an easy change to make, and can make a statement in your neighborhood.

Consider the climate and location of your home. Is your home more suited for vibrant hues or deeper, dark colors, such as a dark navy or forest green. Maybe you prefer the natural, earthy look. After all the time spent looking at all the commercial paint colors, think about creating your own color. Stop by your local Sherwin Williams or other paint supply store and discuss with them the options in creating your own.

Don't be afraid to buck trends when it comes to paint colors. If you play it safe and select a color solely on the neighborhood, you may end up being really unhappy with your decision. A neutral door color like beige or black can look elegant, but if lime green or orange is your favorite color and you want to use your front door for self-expression, why not give it whirl?!

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