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Our Process



There are many advantages to the Design/Build process in the residential arena. Not only does it prevent you from having to talk with every trade individually to get bids, look at product all over town and follow up with everyone of them, it also saves time and money.

The Top 5 Advantages of our Process:


Enhanced Communication

With having Proformance Construction as your single source of contact, this ensures the communication of working with
our designer or carpentry expert eliminates potential problems. 

Step by Step Process:


Design Phase and Product Selection

During this step and after receiving your initial deposit, you will work with Jaime, our professional in-house designer to start making product selections for your new space.


Preliminary Budget and Scope

Once the scope and preliminary budget have been figured, we then invite you to our showroom to go over the scope and budget in more detail.


In-Home Consultation

At this step, we will come to your home.  During this consultation we will discuss your ideas, vision and dreams you are looking for in your new space.  At this time, we also discuss how much you have budgeted for the remodel. 


Quality Control

Since the designer, general contractor and carpenters are from Proformance Construction, the focus remains on protecting
you during the project. 


Quicker Project Completion

Design/Build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because not only from the bid time being reduced but scheduling the project can begin before the design is finalized. It keeps the communication and the project moving along.


Budget Management

Discussing budget early in the conversation is a key factor in ensuring we are putting together a project that is within
your budget and you will be able to get the most function and design to make it more meaningful.  


Single Source of Contact

We are your primary contact through the entire project, from In-Home consultation, through construction, and to the
final photo finish.


Exact Investment of the Project

During this stage of the process, we have gathered the final job costs from the licensed trades (if required) for the project, along with final pricing of materials that were selected in stage 3.


Construction Phase

The most exciting step of the process.  This step is managed by the project manager and any information is being discussed with the designer.  During the construction phase, unforeseens can occur and would be addressed during this time.


Post Construction Phase

After the punch list has been completed, we will do a final walk thought with you and also take final photo finish. 

Step by Step Process
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